After training his way up from an apprentice boot stitcher in 1918 Nathan Swartz became the owner of The Abington Shoe Company. The Abington Shoe Company mostly manufactured shoes for other companies until 1965 when they introduced injection-molding technology to the footwear industry.

This technology fused the sole to the leather upper without stitching, enabling the production of a virtually waterproof boot. This waterproof boot gained popularity quickly, and was named the “Timberland.” Following the success of this product in 1978, the Abington Shoe Company officially changed their name to the Timberland Shoe Company. With their roots firmly placed in the rugged boot market, the Timberland Shoe Company started to expand its collection to include casual classics, boat shoes, and eventually, clothing. Today Timberland continues to thrive across the world and has managed to stand the test of time in an evolving and highly competitive market.