The French shoe brand Kickers was born in 1970, when Daniel Raufast designed a book to specifically wear with jeans. The radical new style of footwear was made from nubuck leather but born from denim.

The unique features of the brand included contrast triple stitching, engraved eyelets, logo hot branded on the back of the shoe and the classic Kickers ‘fleurette’ emblem that remains with the brand today. During the 70’s the brand secured its place in rock’n’roll history, the 80’s it was mixed with the rave and indie-rock culture, by the 90’s it became part of Brit Pop with celebrity wearers such as Noel Gallagher and Jarvis Cocker and from 2000 the brand has been worn by urban artists  through to guitar bands such as the Kaiser Chiefs. Today the brand has a fresh new look and feel and continues to be an iconic brand.